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01452 Dialling Code being targeted for courier fraud

The 01452 dialling code is currently being targeted by fraudsters purporting to be the police. Three incidents were reported yesterday 05th May.  On each occasion the fraudster purported to be a police officer, stating they had caught someone with a clone of the victim's bank card.  One of the intended victims was 99 years old.

During the fraud, the victim is instructed to "hang up" the phone and dial 999 or 101 to confirm the call is genuine. However, when the victim puts the phone down and re-dials, the call is not disconnected and the fraudster has remained on the line. Victims are then asked to take part in a "covert investigation" whereby they have to withdraw cash, purchase foreign currency, jewellery, or other items, which they are told must be handed over to a "police courier" because they are needed as "evidence".

The average victim of courier fraud in Gloucestershire is 80 years old and will lose £9400.  Please help us raise awareness of this scam by informing your elderly or vulnerable relatives, friends and neighbours.

Please note, we're unable to accept reports of crime through Your Neighbourhood Alerts. You can report non-emergency crime online here. Always call 999 in an emergency. 

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