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Crime Update to 10th May

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Crime Update for 10th May


Burglary – Shed Break

Fairhaven Street, between 11pm 9th May & 6am 10th May door of rear garden shed attacked with screwdriver and entry gained. Stolen from inside were two Trek Road bikes one in grey one in silver. Inc. 45 10-05-2022 Leckhampton

Vehicle Crime 

St Pauls Street, South, between 3am & 1pm 7th May, a car on the roadside was attacked by smashing the driver’s window with an unknown object. Pockets in the vehicle were searched but nothing reported stolen at this time. Inc., 248 07-05-2022 St Pauls

Elm Street, overnight of the 7th 8th May a car on the roadside was attacked with a rock. The windscreen was cracked and the front passenger window was smashed. Nothing reported stolen at this time. Inc. 151 08-05-2022 St Pauls

Colletts Drive, between 5.45pm & 6pm 7th May a car in Tesco’s car park was entered via unknown means with a Samsung A21 mobile phone left on view was stolen. Inc. 457 07-05-2022 St Marks

Winchester Way, reported that at 11.15pm 8th May a grey Audi A3 pulled onto a house driveway. Two males came from the Audi and gained entry to a flatbed truck on the driveway via unknown means. A selection of power tools were stolen from the truck. The males were then challenged by the owner and one male threatened the owner with a crow bar. No injury sustained. Both males have left the area in the A3. Inc. 487 08-05-2022 Hatherley.

Lambert Drive, Shurdington, between 11.50pm 8th May & 00.05a.m. 9th May offenders attacked a van on a driveway by cutting a hole in the rear door to access the locking mechanism. Entry gained and a quantity of tools stolen from the vehicle. Inc. 83  09-05-2022

Pittville Circus overnight of the 9th 10th May a car in a private car was attacked by smashing the driver’s door window with a rock. Nothing reported stolen at this time. Inc. 91 10-05-2022 Pitville

St Stephens Road, overnight of the 9th 10th May a car on a driveway entered via unknown means and searched through all compartments. Locking wheels nuts, car manual and a St Christopher’s necklace stolen. Inc. 65 10-05-2022 Tivoli

Gallagher Retail Park car park, between 2.15pm & 3.15pm 9th May a parked and unattended Lexus hybrid car was attacked by cutting off and stealing the catalytic converter. Inc. 292 09-10-2022 Swindon Village

Wyman’s Lane, Swindon Village, at 2.30pm 9th May a BMW car was attacked by two males from a black Vauxhall Astra who jacked the vehicle up and cut off the catalytic converter. Inc. 274 09-05 2022 Swindon Village

Consider the use of movement sensor security lighting and CCTV to cover vulnerable areas of your property such as flat roofs, patio windows and rear garden sheds.

Always lock your vehicle when you leave it and take that extra second to make sure it is actually secured. Do not leave valuable property in unattended vehicles. It is amazing the amount of personal data that is to be found on mobile phones and lap tops etc. which can be used for identity theft.

See attached documents for advice re: preventing the theft of catalytic converters

If you have any information on the above incidents or the property stolen please contact the Police on 101 or use the following link:-

Something you've seen or heard | Gloucestershire Constabulary using the above incident number.

Any and all information can be given anonymously through Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111

Face Book Group for Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators:-


This is the end of the message, Thank You and Please Stay Safe

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