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Crime prevention- Fake Police Officer Scam Calls

We are aware of several reports received over the past few days of phone call scams where the caller claims to be a Police Officer (PC) or a Detective Constable (DC) or SGT.  This message is asking for you to warn elderly or vulnerable family and friends who may receive these calls.  

The 01453/ 01452 dialling code is currently being targeted by fraudsters claiming to be the Police. Incidents were reported on 29th July by residents of  Stroud & Gloucester area. The person calling is likely to say that they are investigating crime relating to fraudulent use of accounts or found property and will say that they are an Officer from Gloucestershire Constabulary or Hertfordshire Police and will name a Police station in the area and have even quoted alleged crime numbers that have been found to be false .  The fraudster has claimed to be a local police officer named “DC PHILLIPS or SGT ETHAN and asked the intended victims for details of their bank cards and bank accounts.  On one occasion a resident was asked to call police back on 191.

Thankfully of the reports received residents have not lost any money and promptly alerted Police. 

An example of this is that victims are being asked to take part in a "covert investigation" and must withdraw cash, purchase foreign currency, jewellery, or other items, which must be handed over to a "courier" because they are needed as "evidence".

If you are unsure, either hang up immediately or ask for details namely what station they are at, what their collar number is and if they have an incident number. This information can then be reported to Police without giving any further information and they will be able to determine the call is genuine. 

Below is some information to assist with prevention  becoming victims of fraud.

·  Neither Police nor bank officials will ever ask you to withdraw money from your account, purchase anything or hand over your personal details or passwords.

·  If you believe you are being targeted by a scammer hang up the phone and use a different phone line to call Action Fraud or the Police, as scammers have a way to stay on the line and will pretend to be the Police when you call back.

·  If you don’t have access to a different phone line, wait for a period of time and try calling a family member or friend first to make sure the scammer is no longer on the line.

·  Just because someone knows basic details about you like your address or date of birth, it doesn’t mean they are genuine bank or Police employees.

·  Always question suspicious phone calls and report them to Action Fraud or the police.

You can self-report a fraudulent phone call attempt (“vishing”) at www.actionfraud.police.uk/report-phishing as well as creating an incident using the following link: Report | Gloucestershire Constabulary

You can find plenty of crime prevention advice on our website: https://www.gloucestershire.police.uk/cp/crime-prevention/

Please note, we're unable to accept reports of crime through Your Neighbourhood Alerts. You can report non-emergency crime online here. Always call 999 in an emergency. 



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